Just about any day of the week and time of year you will find us dancing.  Mostly though, we are at Cafe Su on Tuesdays and Lime Lounge on Thursdays.  


If you are a venue looking to host a weeknight social, contact us for scheduling.


- Includes an introductory FREE lesson!


We have annual galas and large social gatherings 2 - 4 times per year.  These include all our instructors, performers, supporters, local dancers and even dancers from around the midwest!  


Keep on the lookout for the next big event.



Rain, snow, sun or heat we're partying with our local community and bringing the best music and dancing for all to enjoy.  These range from small group to larger groups, weddings to anniversaries, college student activities to community activities.  


We always find an excuse to get together to dance!

Interested in hiring us? Let's Talk.​

From individual performers to our performance team, they have been witnessed showing the world their talents as far as Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, Iowa City, just to name a few.  


Maybe you're interested in having them at an event?  Maybe you'd like to join the team?  


We'd enjoy learning more about the opportunities available to partner.  Contact us for more details.

"Had a great time at Salsa Des Moines Masquerade Ball!"

- Karin Jensen

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