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Salsa Des Moines (SDM) is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization that offers the most comprehensive instructional program in salsa in the State of Iowa. 


We offer salsa dance instruction in all the salsa styles - ON1, ON2, Cuban Style, and the Salsa Rueda and organizes salsa dance and music events in Des Moines and Ames. We also provide dance instructions in other dances (Kizomba, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Bachata, Zouk, Traditional Bachata, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Hustle, and the ballroom dances).  We work in partnership with various community-based cultural diversity groups, the Des Moines Public Schools, entertainment and festival organizers, local non-profit organizations, wellness centers, assisted-living communities, and local businesses.  We strive to build a better, more culturally-conscious and involved community in Des Moines.  


Join Salsa Des Moines and experience how much salsa music and dance can bring about a refreshingly healthy and invigorating lifestyle change for you.


Our Vision

Enriching the community of Central Iowa through salsa dance and all forms of Latin social dance by offering skillful instruction and making it a sought out experience for all ages.


Our Mission

We provide high-quality dance education experiences for all ages and levels in order to expand the dancer community through technique and knowledge. We coordinate with local organizations, institutions, and venues to provide social dancing opportunities for the community and the students. 


Salsa Des Moines dance classes and events are made possible through the patronage and contributions of its members.


Bertha Brubaker

co-Executive Director

In working for state government Bertha has been perfecting the art of project management.   That expertise has made this organization thrive.


She has a Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communications and a Master's in Public Administration from Drake University.  For the last 15 years, she has been developing a long-standing reputation in the Des Moines area as a strong advocate for the arts, culture, and community development. 


Alric Rothmayer

Alric Rothmayer has been dancing the tango for twenty years and was a student of Florencia Taccetti for ten years. He has attended numerous classes, festivals, and workshops during this time period, taught by many well-known professional tango instructors.



Shogun Pradhan

co-chair & treasurer

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We're Salsa Des Moines and we want you to enjoy the love of the Latin culture through music, dance, and experiences.  You too can play a part in our mission via volunteerism, donations, committee & board participation, among others of course...